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Situated 26 miles north of the Arctic Circle, Kotzebue has one of the largest communities of indigenous people in the Bush with 80 percent of the residents Inupiat Eskimo. Kotzebue is on the northwest shore of the Baldwin Peninsula in Kotzebue Sound, near the mouths of the Kobuk and Noatak rivers. It serves as the transport and commerce center for surrounding villages and as a departure point into Noatak National Preserve, Kobuk Valley National Park and Cape Krusenstern National Monument. A reindeer herd numbering over 6,000 roams the Baldwin Peninsula.

Kotzebue alaska salmon fishing charters and lodges

The town is named after Polish explorer Otto von Kotzebue, who stumbled onto the village in 1816 while searching for the Northwest Passage. Much of the town's history and culture can be viewed at the Museum of the Arctic. Owned and operated by NANA, an Alaska Native corporation, the Museum offers two-hour programs on the area's indigenous culture, demontrations of Inupiat handicrafts, a visit to the adjoining jade factory and a traditional blanket toss. In the center of town there is a large cemetery where decorated spirit houses have been erected over many of the graves.

Strolling down Front Street alone is worth the trip. A narrow gravel road only a few yards from the water at the northern edge of town, you will see salmon drying out on racks, fishing boats crowding the beach to be repaired and locals preparing for the upcoming winter. This is the optimum place to watch the midnight sun roll along the horizon, painting the sea reddish gold in a beautiful scene of color and light reflecting off the water. Beginning in early June, the sun does not set for about 6 weeks.

Kotzebue provides access to some of the finest river running in Arctic Alaska. Popular trips include the Noatak River, the Kobuk River and the Selewik River. The National Park service operates a facility in Kotzebue year round and provides information on Noatak, Kobuk and Cape Krusenstern.

Kotzebue alaska salmon fishing charters and lodges

Population: 3,120

Location: Kotzebue is on the Baldwin Peninsula in Kotzebue Sound, on a 3-mile-long spit, which ranges in width from 1,100 to 3,600 feet. It is located near the mouths of the Kobuk, Noatak and Selawik Rivers, 549 air miles northwest of Anchorage and 26 miles above the Arctic Circle.

Access: Daily jet service from Anchorage via Nome; air taxi service.

Accommodations: One motel (76 rooms), two bed and breakfasts; three restaurants (seating for 200+). Food and most supplies, Eskimo arts and crafts.



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