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Nome hasn't changed all that much in a hundred years. Relatives of the Gold Rush prospectors still reside in this northern town located on Norton Sound on the southern coast of Alaska. Gold miners still work gulches where the first strikes were made. Musk oxen roam the hills as they did thousands of years ago. Native families gather berries, fish for salmon and hunt for sea mammals as their ancestors did. Birds follow the migration path countless generations have followed. Nome is much the same today; it is simply more accessible with daily jet service and seasonal steam ships.

Nome Alaska Fishing Charter Salmon Lodge

Nome offers colorful, sweeping views of seemingly endless tundra, plentiful wildlife, gold rush history and Eskimo culture. Nome also happens to be the finish line for the 1,049-mile Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The race begins the first Saturday in March in Anchorage and the first dog teams begin arriving in Nome as early as 9 days later. Nome's Iditarod Festival begins a week after the start and continues as the mushers trickle in.

Nome may only be accessible by air or sea, but once you arrive you can explore 350 miles of roads that wind through tundra, mountains and coastal plains. You will see artifacts of the Gold Rush everywhere including abandoned dredges, turn-of-the-centruy steam engines, old mining claims, old railroad track and decaying tressels. Abundant wild flowers and tundra plants blanket the landscape while herds of musk oxen and reindeer graze within sight of the road. Grizzly bear, moose, fox, beaver, wolves, wolverine, lemmings, voles and shrews present additional opportunities. The road system passes through a variety of habitats from beach to boreal, each boasting its own bird populations. Summer also provides great fishing with ample streams and rivers as well as the Seward Peninsula waters.

A stop off at the Carrie M. McLain Memorial Museum is worthwhile. Daughter of a prospector, Carrie McLain arrived in Nome when she was eight and grew to become the town historian and one of Nome's leading citizens. The museum showcases the lives of the gold prospectors as well as presents the art and lifestyle of the Bering Strait Eskimos with rare artifacts and photos.

Nome Alaska Fishing Charter Salmon Lodge

Population: 3,500

Location: Nome lies along the Bering Sea, on the south coast of the Seward Peninsula, facing Norton Sound. It is 539 air miles northwest of Anchorage, a 75-minute flight. It lies 102 miles south of the Arctic Circle and 161 miles east of Russia.

Access: Scheduled air service from Anchorage and Fairbanks. Seasonal ships.

Accommodations: Three hotels, eight bed and breakfasts and apartments, nine restaurants.


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