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Alaska's Anvik River Lodge - Email Us
PO Box 109 • Anvik, AK 99558 • Phone: 888-362-6845
This is one of Alaska's most remote, yet extremely comfortable full service fishing lodges. We've got the entire Anvik River to ourselves so you won't see anyone else during your stay. 5-7 night packages are all inclusive from Anchorage. Incredible fishing opportunities. Daily guided fishing for Salmon, Char, Pike, Grayling, Whitefish & Sheefish. One guide per two-three guests.

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Far North Alaska Lodges & Resorts: Standard Listings

Austin's Alaska Adventures - Email Us
P.O. Box 110 • St. Michael, AK 99659 • Phone: Toll Free 877-923-2419
You are fishing a beautiful Western Alaska stream on private land. There are no other landowners on the river, no roads and no airports. You are taking your time, walking with family or friends; trying various flies or lures. There are no flyouts, the fishing is all a leisurely walk from the lodge and starts less than a minute away.

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